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Customized videochat for your business

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  • e-Learning

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  • e-Conference

  • e-Commerce

MashMeTV e-Business is the best solution for videochat for your company

business figures

Contact both internal and external audiences and start taking advantage of corporate videocollaboration.

  • Save on unncessary travel expenses
  • Improve your employees' effiency
  • Hold meetings in a moment and without having to book a place
  • Become a first adapter company in new technologies
  • Share your latest corporate video
  • Offer quick and personalized support to your customers or clients
  • Have meetings among different workplaces of your company
  • Meet international customers or clients
  • Have debates, discussions and brainstorming sessions between teams
  • Take rapid actions to manage critical situations
  • Create documents and presentations during meeting is held
  • Show instructions, agreements and budgets to customers and suppliers
  • Innovate in customer care, thanks to new technologies
  • Address incidents first hand in those situations you would not otherwise

MashMeTV e-Health is our solution to telemedicine and remote assistance

MashMeTV e-Health branch

Talk to your patients thanks to integrating videoconference in your platform allowing you to oversee medical treatments everywhere.

  • Reduce the amount of trips that your patients or your workmates have to do
  • Provide high quality in health care / Take health care to next level
  • Oversee both physical and psychological treatments
  • Provide support in emergencies
  • Help in emergency cases telling remotely the next steps to follow
  • Brings medical assistance to unreachable or risky places
  • Check your patients' status
  • Give treatment indications
  • Put in touch inpatients and their families
  • Share medical records
  • Prevent eldery from travelling for medical purposes
  • Make the first eye contact with your patients
  • Resolve remotely doubts in medical treatments
  • Show enriched instructions such as how-to videos

MashMeTV e-Learning is specially designed for tele-education

MashMeTV e-Learning solutions

Conduct lessons and lectures remotely without losing advantages of classroom training.

  • Teach your students fully personalized
  • Solve questions in real time
  • Get greater students participation
  • Test them at any time and as easily as always
  • Do collaborative activities
  • Grow the number of enllored students
  • Enrich your lessons with multimedia content
  • Rate your students' understanding level with surveys
  • Encourage active participation and involve your students
  • Do custom tracking
  • Get to know students' participation level
  • Integrate MashMeTV in your website or educational platform
  • Deliver presentations and store documents in your room
  • Resume lessons at the same point where they ended
  • Draw diagrams, graphs and pictures

MashMeTV e-Show could help you in entertaiment and leisure activities

MashMeTV e-Show branch

Bring public figures to different audiences and offer them a key feature.

  • Reach to not attending audience
  • Complete the attending audience's experience
  • Increase your activity on social networks
  • Make live streams to people who cannot attend to the events
  • Get first hand feedback about your event
  • Enlarge your audience by online assistance
  • Run contests and raffles
  • Have live interviews where the viewers can parcipate

Stream your conference through MashMeTV e-Conference

MashMeTV e-Conference branch

Take your conference to online preventing displacements.

  • Broaden your congress
  • Reach more attendees
  • Raise your profit margin
  • Resolve doubts to your viewers in real time
  • Enrich your streaming with videos and documents
  • Make international access to your congress easier
  • Remove meeting room capacity limits

Give personal service to your customers avoiding they leave your website because of lack of information with MashMeTV e-Commerce

MashMeTV e-Commerce solution

Offer the best customer care making the shopping process in your platform easier. Doubts and lack of customization are no longer an obstacle.

  • Help your customers to complete the purchase process
  • Promote collaborative commerce
  • Do upselling and cross-selling in online trade
  • Answer questions related to products, delivery process and stock
  • Help your customers to complete the purchase process
  • Perform customer satisfaction surveys and build loyalty through shopping
  • Guide your customers in purchase processes
  • Put in touch your customers via collaborative commerce
  • Give directions and product images