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Personalized videochat multidevice

  • What is MashMeTV?

  • Requirements & devices

  • First steps

  • Tools

  • Integration

  • MashMeTV Remote

  • MashMeTV Kit

MashMeTV - Videocollaboration

Social platform

MashMeTV is a social cloud-based platform that allows video calls while sharing synchronized experiences and multimedia content using only the browser.

A hall of memory rooms

MashMeTV is an online meeting platform where you can log your actions, share documents and media content. Each virtual room emulates a real meeting room.


MashMeTV allows talk and share content with up to ten of your friends or colleagues simultaneously. Besides, it's possible to stream your videoconference to an unlimited number of viewers through our solution for companies: MashMeTV Events.


Our key concept is videocollaboration, an enhancement in videochat. MashMeTV allows videocalls to happen simultaneously among multiple collaborative tools.

No installation. No configuration. Just one click

MashMeTV is an online platform. You just need to have a modern browser and go into to start sharing.

Customizable videochat

MashMeTV rooms could be decorated with our themes. In addition, clients of MashMeTV Events, could have a customizing theme that shows your corporate identity.

MashMeTV - Requirements

Updated browser

MashMeTV is developed on HTML5 and WebRTC-based to offer our users the highest quality. Therefore, MashMeTV currently supports WebRTC compatible browsers: Google Chrome [Recommended], Mozilla Firefox and Opera on latest versions.

Internet connection

Although MashMeTV is ready to run in low speed communications, we recommend using it over a wired connection and speeds which are about 6 and 2.5 Mbps upstream and downstream respectively. Check your speed here.

Ports, proxies & firewalls

MashMeTV operates through TCP ports 80 and 443, and UDP 3478. We recommend opening UDP ports 1025-65535 but it is not indispensable. If you use MashMeTV in a company, make sure not to be behind a proxy or firewall.

Operating system

MashMeTV is independent of your operating system, so you can use it on any device that runs a WebRTC supported browser.

Compatible mobile devices

MashMeTV supports any mobile devices that run Android Kitkat 4.4 or above.

MashMeTV - Starting

Starting with MashMeTV

To start using the MashMeTV free version, just enter in and login with your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account. Moreover, you can sign up with us as well if required. If you are interested in a business plan, please contact us.

Creating your first room

In just one click you could create your first room in the hall. Just type the name you want to give it, the new room will be added to your hall. You can create as many rooms as needed.

Going into your first room

Click on the thumbnail that has been added to your hall to enter into your first room. You will be asked to accept camera and microphone permissions before going into.

Make others join your room

Invite your friends or colleagues to join your room through sharing the URL with them. Besides, you can click on the button 'Invite people' to share the link on your social networks or send it by e-mail.

MashMeTV - Tools
MashMeTV - Share videos on Youtube
MashMeTV - Share your screen
MashMeTV - Record your videochat sessions
MashMeTV - Edit Google Drive documents
MashMeTV - Share pictures from Flickr
MashMeTV - Share slideshows from Slideshare
MashMeTV - Save documents, videos and pictures in each room
ā€¯MashMeTV - Share and save webs
MashMeTV - Draw and create charts on collaborative blackboard
MashMeTV - Browse through Google Maps collaboratively
MashMeTV - Redact opinion polls
MashMeTV - All the attention in the videochat
MashMeTV - Moderate your meetings


Share simultaneously any video from Youtube: play, pause or add them to the room playlist. Actions will be synchronized for all participants in the room.



Premium! Share everything that is happening on your desktop or just a portion of your screen with our desktop sharing tool. Only available for clients of MashMeTV Events.



Premium! Record your videochat sessions and store them in the room. You have up to 48 hours to download it, but it can be uploaded to your shared files so as not to lose it. Only available for clients of MashMeTV Events.


Google Drive

Create, edit, review and share Google Drive documents in a new collaboratively way.



Share images from Flickr gallery just introducing the topic in the search box.



Share any slideshow from Slideshare and interact synchronously with it.


Shared files

Save any file from your computer or device in the room virtual memory.



Share any URL and save your favorite links. For your safety, this tool only shows the initial web, but not the following hops inside that web. If you want to share your screen, hire one of our plans with desktop sharing.



Draw and create charts on MashMeTV collaborative blackboard. Insert text, change the thickness and color of your strokes, add stickers and save your pictures.


Google Maps

Use Google Maps, share locations and interact with the map.



Make polls with simple yes/no questions through the polling tool of MashMeTV.


Meeting mode

Turn your room into a round table and focus on the videoconference.


Mode one

Premium! Moderate your meetings and bring single participant into focus. Only available for clients of MashMeTV Events.

MashMeTV - Integrate videochat rooms in your corporate portal

MashMeTV Buttons

MashMeTV Buttons allows you to integrate videochat rooms in any website or corporate platform. This integrated solution grants quick and easy access to videoconference among companies and their publics. More information: [email protected]

Plugin Moodle

Add videochat to your Moodle platform with all applications of MashMeTV Events. More information: [email protected]

MashMeTV - Remote Control

Remote controller

Control your room using any device as a remote controller. Only available for clients of MashMeTV Events. More information: [email protected]

MashMeTV - Full Videochat Kit for Business

Full Videochat Kit for Business

Hold meetings with our creative and efficient videoconference kit that combines advantages of both online and offline rooms. All hardware requisites included. More information: [email protected]